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Panting chrome-help

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Sup guys

Im thinking of painting the rear chrome strip but my question is do i paint right over the chrome, or do i need to sand the chrome off?
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I looked around the forum but couldnt find the exact answer.. Could someone plz give me a quck answer.. Thanks
Plasti-dip it first, then you can decide if you want to go all out and paint it.
I really wanna get it painted to match the jeep color.

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I believe my body shop sanded, then used an adhesion promoter, and then painted the chrome.
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yeah you want to scuff up the base before you prime and paint. just make sure you clean the chrome off of- all greases before and after you scuff it up. then prime and paint and then clear coat it.

also never touch anything with your bare hands- gl!

edit- you can also sand down the prime a lil bit before you lay the paint coat on. it'll leave a better smoother finish then if you had not.
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Thanks guys ill be looking to try this out today.
Painted all my molding about two years ago and it still looks good. Here's what I did and the products I used:

I started by sanding off all the chrome finish using 180 grit sandpaper - I got them looking sort of like a stainless steel appliance. After that, I hit them with two coats of self-etching primer and then two coats of sandable primer. Once dry, I lightly sanded them down with 400 grit sandpaper, then applied two coats of primer sealer, followed by two coats of Brilliant Black, and then about four coats of clear. Gave them a day to dry and then wet-sanded them with 2000 grit sandpaper, then used a rubbing compound, a polishing compound, and then finished them off with a wax.

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Thanks bro. That should help me big time :)
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