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Here is a quick list of cars we have already bought and plan to take to the moon with some impressive builds:

Quick list:
2012 Challenger SRT8 6 speed (moving from mild to wild as tuning becomes available)
1970 Challenger (protouring, modern hemi engine, 6 speed, coilovers "forced induction")
1967 Barracuda (road race/auto cross car, modern hemi, 6 speed, coilovers)

2010 Camaro SS (F1 Procharged, forged, supporting mods,suspension, paint, wheels)
(2) 1969 Camaros (both are Protouring style, all modern suspension, LS engines, forced induction)

2012 Mustang GT (Road race car)

2007 Corvette (Procharged, Wheels, paint)

(2) 1955 Chevys (Secret)

1970 Monte Carlo (502ci Hilborne injection Protouring car, 6 piston Wilwoods etc)
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