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Capitalism is them selling oil for 12 bucks a quart instead of 4 bucks a quart because the more expensive one is "spec" and thus they jack up the price. Worth 3 times as much? U think so.
It's worth it to me. I won't miss the $8/qt for the right stuff, and I won't worry about my oil as I'm driving down the road.

Mobil1 would have to sell 3 times as much volume at 4 bucks. It's profit is limited by the amount of vehicles requiring chrysler spec, its not unlimited.
If Mobil 1 had the Chrysler spec in it's portfolio, it could/would charge $12 a quart too. And sell more quarts to guys like me who respect the specification.

Spec only means it went through chryslers 2 years of testing, not that it has any better stuff in it. Plenty of heavy skepticism is warranted to earn my money.
You're right; the Mobil 1 might actually be capable of meeting Chrysler's MS-12633 spec for SRT-qualified oil. I'm not questioning that. But, as a retired engineer, I can't rely on speculation. I rely on quantitative testing. We each have to do that with which we are comfortable.

Mobil 1 would most likely work just fine in your Jeep's SRT engine, and you'd probably never have an oil-related problem for as long as you own it. Mobil 1 is a fine oil.
However, I'm a firm believer in proven capability (i.e. meeting manufacturer's specs). I use Wal-Mart Super Tech Full Synthetic in my Corvette, beacause it's inexpensive and it exceeds the GM-4718M spec for that vehicle. (y) (I'm not an oil snob)
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