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No mor SRT8 Sale

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No more SRT8 Sale

I no longer have my Jeep and would like to put a few things up for sale.

I have:

a predator tuner u7135, all cables, unmarried for $250 obo SOLD

A pillar that holds two guages, never opened, still in original plastic $130 obo SOLD

Pair of morimoto HID ballasts, bulbs, etc I think theyre 5000 on the color. $100 obo SOLD

QTP 3" remote controlled exhaust cut outs (2) and controller. $250 obo

If I find any more things I will add em up here

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Pm sent....

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A-Pillar pod is same color as interior piece on '07, it holds two pods, from TH motorsports
I couldnt find it on their site either, but ill link a forum that has pics with it
All Pms have been replied to
PMs replied to and will post up pics of the remaining items tomorrow
reduced price on cut outs
Can you post a pic of the cutouts? What's the new price?
Sorry, I'm not on here much anymore. I responded to all pms and will send pics out to all that requested in the morning
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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