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Newbie from STL

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hey guys,

I am new to this site and new to the Jeep srt8. I was hoping someone could help me out regarding the srt8. I currently have a 03 G35 coupe but could be getting rid of it very soon for a jeep I have found for sale. It is a 2006 with 37xxx miles. What are some things I should closely pay attention to when buying one of these? Also, are there any setbacks when comparing an 06 to say an 08 or 09?

I really just wanna get some basic info on these cars since I could have one here very soon.

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Im in the same boat as u but I own a 06 G35x sedan pretty much modded to the fullest. Im having hard time letting go of it for a srt8 lol.

I know 08+ interior seats come in black/suade, They have projectors on low beams, Im sure Nav screen is different. but rest of these guys will chim in.

I hope u find what you're lookin for and dont settle for less, Some of these trucks have alrdy been beat to shit, So gotta becareful
Yea G35 is a hate/love relationship. So much available so much you can do, so its hard to just give it up. My G just got featured on stanced low and wide lol.
Nothing ever goes wrong with my G unless I break it myself. Like had to swap axles cause My car is too low and rubber boot got cut lol. But never ever needs to go to service.

Im kinda scared of these jeeps going back for tranny issues and such. Besides tranny I wouldnt worry about anything else cause, I basically modify everything I can get my hands on lol.
nice. My G is Caribbean blue which i love and has a pretty good sound system/lowered/wheels definitely a fun car except for my 3rd gear synchro going out.Ya one I was thinking about getting just turned out to have 138xxx miles rather than 37,000 like listed b/c the dealer was asking 19,900 which didn't seem right. kinda sucks but o well i'll just keep looking.

Actually if u get lucky from a private owner thats the way to go. Last year my friend picked up a 06 with 70k for like 18k. Dealers are always lookin to rape.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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