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New WK2 The Same Price As My New '07

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Warning: I am talking about Canadian pricing!
I know there has been lots of grousing about the high price of the WK2, but my 2007 was bought new for $62000 (full load, minus DVD). Meanwhile, my local dealership just sold their one and only WK2 (full load, including Pana Roof, minus DVD) for MSRP--$64000. Virtually the same price 5 years later with tons of upgrades--seems like a pretty good value! In Canada, at least :)
It seems like the dealer mark ups have brought you guys in the U.S. into our price gouged world :( I think that once the dealer mark ups disappear the price grudge against the WK2s will go away and people will appreciate them more.

I am still torn. I totally get why some people love the WK2. The more I look at the WK2, the more I like it. Once you sit in one you are sold because the interior is so beautiful--it makes you forget about aspects of the exterior you may not like, and can't see while you are driving anyway :) Without exception, though, my buddies that have seen both still describe the WK2 as "Nice" and "luxurious", but not "cool," or "mean" or "sporty", like they describe my WK1. Time will tell if I'll buy a WK2, but for now still loving my '07--regardless of the prices!
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Yep the prices here are definitely better than in the US, I'm also in Vancouver but I got my 2012 srt8 from a dealership in toronto in october and shipped it over. What dealer did you check out that just sold theirs?
Coquitlam Chrysler. It was only on the lot for a couple days.

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I am in Northern Ontario and i ordered one about 3 weeks ago.The MSRP is 54,995.
That $54,995 not including the gas guzzler tax and the destination charge, then add up any options you get around 64k no problem.

Nice I was at coquitlam Chrysler a while back thinking about ordering one from them but someone I had previously spoken to on the east coast from a dealer called me and said they had one coming in the next morning so I put my deposit over the phone flew over there and paid for it and shipped it.
Cool. Enjoy it!!!
I should have bought mine in canada
Man, I never thought I'd hear that about buying a vehicle!
Local dealer here has one advertised on Kijiji for $82000 CDN.
Also, our stickers (WK1) may have said $62000, but who actually paid that?
Most paid a lot less out the door.
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