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new wk2 srt8 owner. well eventually

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hi all. i've been waiting for my srt8 since i ordered it in june. according to the tracking system online, it shows that my jeep is being delivered to the dealers. this was 3 weeks ago. since then i haven't heard anything yet. haven't received a call back from the manager after leaving several messages. how long does it take to deliver it from the factory to Queens, NY. the wait is killing me. according to the price protection letter, the dealer has 10 days to deliver the car to me in order to submit the code right? would a dealer purposely hold a car so the code would be invalid?
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It can take 2-5 weeks for delivery per Chrysler factors like truck and rail schedule and the holidays are not in your favor. If you feel it should be at your dealer check their website it should show delivered on the new inventory section if not it will say in transit or better yet get to your dealer and see for yourself.
The dealer does have a 10 day cushion for price protection and after close of sale an additional 2 days to finalize paperwork, anything is possible with a car dealer I wouldn't be shocked if they were being deceptive, if it were me I would be at dealership ASAP and see for myself.
Good luck
Good luck man! I ordered mine in august and will finally pick it up on friday, can't wait!:D
thanks for the help guys. i actually received a call a few days ago. a sales person tells me that the black srt8 that i ordered is not in yet and can take up to 8 week to deliver from the factory. But he also told me, that they do have a red srt8 in the showroom with every option that I ordered for the black one. They ask me to come in to take a look and if interested, i can take that one home. To be honest, I never liked red cars so I'm still leaning towards waiting for the black one.

I do have another question. Lets say I decided to with the red one, does that mean the price protection will not apply to me since that was not the original vehicle that i ordered. Read somewhere saying the customers name must be linked to the vin number or something like that.
Not sure if you will still get price protection or not(dealer may be able to work something out due to your long wait?), but i would definitely check out the red one. I never liked red myself but since my past few vehicles were black and i grew tired of the constant cleaning, i decided to go for it and order a red one back in aug. I picked it up on friday and it looks awesome! I posted a few pics on here under "The Beast has finally arrived!" thread and it looks even better in person. Plus it seems like 9 out of 10 of these vehicles is black so far and red ones are more rare and unique IMO. Good luck with whatever you choose, these are awesome machines!:)
If I was you, I would wait. Your paying a lot of money for something that you want to be perfect. The same thing happened to me in 08. They had a red one but, I just had to wait for the exact one I wanted. You'll regret it in the long run, and you'll be SO much happier when it gets there.
check out my other post titled "dealer totally screws me over".
check out my other post titled "dealer totally screws me over".
Where is the other post? I could not locate it.
Hit "active topics" and you should see it
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