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New owner

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New owner of a 2014 SRT. Just purchased yesterday, I have always wanted one and couldn't be more impressed with how clean she is.
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She has 65k, Gen2 RIPP kit w/RIPP exhaust. Sits nice, lowering springs maybe? Camber is a bit out in the rear. Really love the orange intercooler powdercoating and plan to make the brembos match this summer for my first mod.
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Does this look familiar to anyone? East coast car all her life. It did not come with the Diablo tuner so I will need to purchase something before getting dynotuned for new owner piece of mind. To my new knowledgeable friends, Is there a better option or stick with the Diablo? What's a good camber correction kit or do I need adjustable lower arms?


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Looks great! not sure on the engine management but HP tuners is another option to look into. I'd keep the boost low and don't beat on it if the engine is stock.
Appreciated, that's what I've been reading. Thanks for the only reply bud, lol.
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Post a vid of it running! I wanna see how it sounds! I really want to throw a whipple blower but not until I build the engine. I have a Honda kit car with a high compression inline 4 that has a C1A Procharger on it, I just blew the engine when i Upped the boost to 14psi soon after haha, it lasted almost 10 years so I'm not that worried but I'm not going to do the same on my SRT haha
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