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New Mods :)

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So I Installed my Corsa Catback and Jet 180 Tstat today lets see how that goes ;P
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Nice. I want a Corsa so badly :)
Nick you need to get to Adam at SP MOTORSPORTS to get a CMR DYNO TUNE. Well you no what you ran last time at the track now we will see if the corsa helped you.
^ Yup. What he said.

A CMR tune makes a significant difference.
Nice! Add a tune and you will really notice a difference.
Absolutely need to get a tune with the fan setting adjusted... or you can search posts for the settings and change them yourself with a Predator to take advantage of the 180 t-stat.
can anyone help me with the fan adjustment?..
Like they all said get a custom tune and you'll be good to go! :D
thanks!! be getting in contct with johan pretty soon
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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