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Hi guys, great to be a part of a dedicated SRT forum.

Recently purchased a 2014 SRT, white with black spider monkeys in Vic. Dead stock. And loving it.

I've been a Chrysler fan since forever, even when they were not cool. Got a VJ charger I've had since I was 20 (double that and add some change for my current age) which is in disappointing shape and needs a full resto, but unlike others I didn't sell that classic car others have stories about. Its a Sportsman and for those that know their Valiants they will know it was worth keeping.

Keen to find out any tips and tricks that other Aussies have found with the Uconnect screens. I tried to download the Uconnect access app but have had no joy. I'm keen to know if it is indeed possible to do for us Aussies.

Towing was a big decider on the new Jeep. The 300c wagon SRT8 I traded did not have a tow rating in Oz, therefore no one could make/supply a tow bar that complies. No doubt anyone thats walked this road will know its not technically legal to fit one to a 300c, hence insurance claims could be denied. The Jeep dont suffer that issue, but the tow hitch receiver is uncommon for SRT.
I'm keen to hear any issues regarding fitting a towbar. I need to tow jobs made for customers so insurance is important

Anyway, thanks for reading. Look forward to meeting you all. Will have to look into the Melbourne Jeep club...sounds interesting.

Cheers, Dan
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