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New memb from Sweden need some help PLz before Buying!

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Hi all,
Im an owner of a 3000GT wich i want to change for a Jeep SRT8..
But in Sweden there is No info on the SRT8 and Few in the country...
No forum and No Club!
So here im..
Wanna know what to look for before buying a used car..2006-2008.
Wich "regular problems should i look for"?
How are these cars? Can they be used for daily bases without problems? (Never Owned a Jeep)
How are they in Winter?

IM Thankfull for all tips before buying!
And alsaw should say that im having a thought of chosing between Jeep SRT 8 and Mitsu EVo X.
Want a car wich i can use hole year.
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Hej, welcome to the forum. I got my jeep November of '07 and I drive it year round in Northern Alberta and all over Ontario in Canada. If you do decide on the Jeep, I recommend getting winter/studded tires for your environment.
What area of Sweden are you from? I have only been to Karlskorona.
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