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2010 WK1 coming soon......
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So getting my SRT8 didnt quite work out. I am going to wait probably till next year on it.

So in the mean time, I picked up an 06 Magnum R/T. No pics yet thank to the rediculous amount of rain here right now.

In less than a day of owning this car I have already managed to pick up a spare 5.7 block and heads for $200. This should get fun! Plan is to send them down to the machine shop, block punched .60 over, heads ported and polished. Goal is 500hp on motor with a turbo in the not to distant future.

For right now I am trying to find a rear end out of an 09 Challenger for it. If anyone has any leads on one please let me know.

I have also heard there is a kit I can buy to defeat the esp and trac control on these. Anyone heard of them? Know where to get them?

Any help on those would be appreciated:D
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