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PWR is pleased to announce another innovative product from CTP for the Hemi Gen III and IV market. Something so well thought out, that it’ll solve all your fuel issues and guaranteed to piss off the wife when she sees the credit card bill!.

This fuel hat retains the stock fuel basket and all the attributes of its original design features. So you ask well so what, there’s other drop in place fuel systems, what’s the big deal??. Well let me lay it out for you.

1: Retains the ability to keep the pumps primed at all times and enables you not to have to run ¼ tank of gas to keep the pick-ups submerged and potentially run your pump dry thus leaning out the motor and the ensuing KABOOM that could happen if the planets aligned against you. And for you guys that watch every ounce of weight, well it goes without saying.

2: How does it do this??: CTP engineered a method of doubling the flow capacity of the gravity fill valve located in the bottom of the basket and yet still retained the anti-siphon feature which is critical in keeping the basket full of fuel.

3: Thisr system utilizes a -8 supply line with a -6 return. The return feature dumps fuel back into the basket at all times. We also designed into the return system a special check valve which keeps the fuel hydro-locked into the fuel lines thus eliminating that wretched fuel smell that occurs after shut down of our competitors systems.

4: All electrical wiring is installed and sealed to meet Class one Division 2 standards and potted with rated epoxy resin. Or for those of you that aren’t aware of what this is. It’s sealed all cool like, ain’t no silicon happening here. :mrgreen:

5: This system can be ordered with either dual Walbro 255GPH pumps which will support unassisted up to 700 RWHP and if so inclined, adding a Kennebell boost a pump will support close to 1000RWHP. Or it can be ordered at a additional cost retro-fitted with the new Aeromotive 340 pump which will support 1000 RWHP in stock form and 1300 with the KB BAP.

6: Our system uses a bracket attached to the basket to maintain proper fitment and nothing is cabled tied in place. We have also engineered a billet stand off for the bottom of the pumps in order to alleviate any stress imposed by the weight of the pumps on the basket.

7: The basket maintains its ability to conform to variances in the tank as per the original design. This allows the basket to be forced against the bottom of the tank at all times with our spring loaded travel feature, just like stock.

8: This system uses the stock fuel sending unit mounted at the proper elevation so you get the correct fuel level readings at all times.

9: The hat, pump bracket and stand-offs are made from T6061 billet aluminum. All mounting hardware and clamps are 18-8 stainless with solid brass fittings were required.

All systems are built to suite at this time. Once we get a feel for the demand, we will be producing these in limited production numbers. Lead time for delivery is 3-4 weeks upon receipt of order.

Now for what isn’t included with our kit unless otherwise requested:

1: You will need to install a external fuel filter and regulator. In order to install dual pumps in the stock basket, the filters supplied with the pumps do not fit. Both the basket fill and the pump screen is very effective at screening out debris that will not hurt the pump, but is by no means sufficient enough to protect your injectors from clogging. We can also provide this if needed.

2: All external electrical wiring. This is to include relays, fuses, wire and connectors. At some point in the near future will be offering a complete plug and play kit for both the Jeep and the Truck.

3: All fuel lines and fittings. Included with the kit are the 90 degree adapter fittings you see in the picture. You will need for the fuel hat fittings both a -8 male AN to ½” NPT male and -6 AN male to ¼” NPT male.

Pricing: The complete drop in system as shown with dual Walbro 250 pumps: $990.00. The upgrade cost for the Aeromotive 340 pumps will be a additional $175.00.

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I thought you're running the Arrington one Paulie?

Cam does nice work. I'm sure this piece will perform flawlessly.
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