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Hello all,

I plan on upgrading to the Kicker system (without the sub since it is no longer available). I am also putting in some heated seat elements in the rear seats. I need to tap into a 12V switched wire to run to my relay to turn on the heated seats and also the amp to a sub (if I add one).

Looking at the pinouts on, it looks like I should be able to tap into the yellow/red wire for my switched 12V. Is this correct? Can someone check my thoughts on this?

Also, I would need to use a line converter (looking at the JL JX500/1 which comes with a line converter built in). I believe the kicker instructions have you tap into the left front speaker. I see that on the Kicker amp, there is a sub+ (gray/brown) and sub- (dark green/brown). Can I tap into those even if I don't have the kicker sub?

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