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need help with an exhaust problem

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ok i have a customers 07 srt8 in my shop right now. it has longtubes high flow cats and borla cat back. it keeps throughing the check engine light from the rear o2's( showing one side too rich and one side too lein) i need to get this inspected. he had the computer flashed when the work was done but thie light came on back then and he has just kept it that way. now our local dmv will not renew his registration with out the inspection. i know on mustangs we use the mill eliminator o2's to trick the computer is there something out there for these trucks. thanks
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His tuner can turn them off on the tune but it won't pass inspection. Most have not had any luck using any gimmicks. His best very would probably have mid pipes made with stock cats, go to inspection than switch back. Lots of discussion on this just do a bit of searching.

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