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My Alcoa wheels have some spotting on all 4. Took it over to the Jeep dealer, they submitted pictures for a possible warranty claim but it was denied by the Area Manager. Local dealer apparently has no negotiating power, all I really was looking for was a subsidy to get them black chromed, but Jeep will not pay out this type of claim. I repeatedly stated that I was not looking for 4 new wheels, just a little help in getting them refinished.

I'm not the original owner and basically Jeep has concluded that the prior owner did not take proper care of them. My contention is that they have the special alcoa finish, which they also put on big heavy truck wheels, so how much care is really necessary? Before I purchased the Jeep, it lived in Arizona and New Mexico. I suppose I might feel differently if it had lived in the snow belts where road salt is used. By the way, this is the first wheel issue I've ever had over the past 35 years of car ownership and I drove in winter with salt and sand for 10 of those years.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Update--spoke with Chrysler customer service, claim still denied, in their opinion wheels were not properly cared for by previous owner. Told them to forget about me buying any more Chrylser products, I'll go back to BMW or Audi next time around. We've purchased 7 Chrysler vehicles in the past 4 years, spending in excess of $200k, they just lost a customer over my request for a $750 subsidy to get them refinished.
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