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My SRT clone

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I haven't posted much in here, even though I've been a member for a while.
So, here are some pics of my jeep.
Hope you like it.


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whats goin on with the exhaust and front grill?
PLEASE tell me those are not fart cans
Looks good, you'd never know.

And I was also wondering what you did to the exhaust.
It says SRT clone, so which model is this? It seems like a bike exhaust coming out of the back??
Damn, that looks very close to an srt... but whats up with the exhaust?
Looks nice carioca. Did you do all the work yourself?
For the T&M spent you could have the real deal
LMAO!! Good replica. Question is why not just get the real thing.
I wouldn't think it would of cost nearly as much as buying a SRT. But I have no idea.
PLEASE tell me those are not fart cans
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looks good man
Now drop a 6.1 V8 in that

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VERY nice work. You did such a good job so far. You spent lots of money on that thing to make it look right and it shows.

Which is why I think it is worth it to go the extra step and change out that exhaust. The exhaust tips in the rear are a big part of the "Jeep SRT-8 image". Your clone would be so much better with a catback that looks more like the stock one.
Attention: Please step away from the J.C. Whitney catalog and buy an SRT

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the OP wanted the look of an Srt but better gas mileage, might not care about the power. Or might not had quite enough money up front to buy "the real deal". Just my 2 cents... Looks good. Could probably get some tips off this site for next to nothing FYI....

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what color are those rims? how much money have you put into it so far? besides front grill and exhaust, it looks good.
I can only imagine how much you have invested in your rig...looks good, though. Looks like you have interior mods, or is that stock? Got any interior pics?
Moron 69, you're right didn't really care for the power, and since I have a long comute to work, at the time that I purchased the vehicle gas prices were $4.30 a gallon.
The other thing is I thought that buying a nice house in a good area was a priority for me and my family, love the Jeep SRT8, always did, maybe some day I'll buy the beast, after my kids are done with college!!
Thanks for all the positive coments.
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