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My new snow tires in action!

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these tires are amazing. Blizzak dmv-1
driving up my steep driveway in big bear with almost 2 feet of snow on it.
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Very nice. I run the DMV-1's as well. Will be going back on my jeep shortly I believe. No real snow yet, but I know we will have some soon.
DAMN!!! Now that's a hill, impressive. Somebody likes playing I can see.

That's impressive! Great video! I may need to get some of those next year.
thats pretty cool. im surprised you got through that much snow going uphill. Beast!
....500hp pimpin snow plow. ME LIKES ! :)
that thing tears up the snow!

any pics of the jeep with the snow tires on?
Dang man, that is awesome! That's one big hill than many wouldn't even attempt.

I know you have plenty of fun this time a year.
nice thats def some good tires..i hope my all seasons can do that :)
Damn Steep ass! Nice!
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Dude thats freakin badass. It would be hard to even walk up that hill with that much snow. The jeep beasted right through that shit.
Impressive !

I wish we had dry snow like that in our area. With the wet stuff we get that then turns to ice mounds, there would be nothing left of the Jeep fascia.:boohoo:
Holy Hell that was awsome. very nice. impressive tires.
Good to see. I have my tire rack 18's with DM-V1's in the garage. Still in the 50's in the burgh with no sign of snow.

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i cant believe how well these tires work. i have driven through 3+ feet of snow and not has 1 issue loosing traction or sliding. definitely recommend these tires.
Thats freakin' awesome. How did the front bumper fair after plowing through the snow, any cracks?
I swear people dont believe the jeep can climb through some snow!

I had brand new nitto 420s tires on my jeep and it was actually doing really good in the deep snow. I know the Jeep would be even better with snow tires on it. (Factory suspension of course)
Great video. Thanks for sharing.
those are the tires going on my stock 20s since they are pitted and stained already. what size are those blizzaks?
I was looking into all-seasons but after looking at the vid I think I'm gonna throw some Blizzaks on my stockers as well just like RB24 says...also post up what size u running...
Great vid, wow that's a crazy hill climb. I've got to get some of those tires!
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