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So the rumors of a possible SRT8 Durango are cropping up again, with it coming in asa 2013 model (which is conveniently when rumors peg the upgraded infotainment and transmissions for the Durango/GC).

Personally, I think the Durango has a better base to start with from the styling perspective, and if they could position it less as "going after the Germans" sort of vehicle and kept the price lower, I think it'd be a good choice.

But it could also be a huge embarrassment. Sales of the Durango R/T are already very low, and it's been essentially laughed at for not living up to the R/T part of its name (I mean, wen you're slower than the GL450, despite sharing a lot of platform bits, having more hp/tq, and less weight - how embarrassing would it be if their SRT version couldn't outrun a GL550, let alone run with the rumored GL63?).

I think it'd be really cool, but it's tough for me to put much credence into the idea that they'll go through with it. Especially if Durango R/T sales stay low, and GC SRT8 sales don't live up to their expectations.
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