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R1 Concepts Inc. is proud to offer Premium Jeep rotors!
I am offering the Premium series rotors which are made with stronger iron cast metal (G3500) for overall tension strength. The Premium series rotors which is the top of the line series out of the two that I carry (E-lines & Premiums). The rotors are cast with a 50/50 center split for better heat distribution. Premium utilize a black Electro-coating finish applied on the hubs and inner vane structures providing long lasting corrosion protection. Original stock size, will bolt right up with no modifications needed.

What separates R1 from the rest?

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. Here at R1, we take into account numerous precautions in machining rotors. We drill our rotors in house using state-of-the-art CNC machines and follow strict procedures and standards such as drilling between each vane structure. This will allow the rotor to retain its structural integrity and overall strength with optimum thermal transfers. We utilize smaller diameter drill bits for smaller diameter holes and each hole is counter-sink to add strength. You also have the option to go with slotted only or even a custom design with your own logo. Every R1 rotor that comes with slots will come with our exclusive "Diamond Slot design" (45 degree angle end points), to help release trapped debris. Our diamond slot design is also a good indicator for rotor wear. We also offer optional Cryo Treatment at an additional cost. (Cryogenic treatment is a process that improves the performance and life of the rotor by strengthening the metallurgy. This process will help to give an extra level of protection against warping).

Why are you choosing R1 Concepts Inc?

We’ve been in business since 2002 and have been a supporting vendor on this forum since 2007. With countless sets of rotors/ pads sold (and many other forums) and Top Notch Customer Service to back it up… Buy what's trusted.


Here at R1 Concepts Inc, we stand by our products. We offer a one year warranty on warping and cracking on all R1 brake rotors due to manufacture defects and workmanship.


Slotted Only
Drilled and Slotted
Drilled Only
Dimple and Slotted
Custom (additional cost will apply for custom)

FRONT & REAR Premium rotors + Posi Quiet Ceramic pads: PM ME!
FRONT & REAR Premium rotors + hawk HPS pads: PM ME!
FRONT & REAR Premium rotors + Hawk Ceramic pads: PM ME!
FRONT & REAR Premium rotors + Stoptech performance pads: PM ME!

If you are interested, please send me a pm for quote and ordering instructions.


Steven B.
1-888-712-6623 x7006
[email protected]
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