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Thank you all for your input on my last post...pretty much confirmed what I already knew.

Now, what is the maximum towing capacity of the SRT8 and what are my hitch options?
With the exhaust exiting the middle, where does the hitch go and how does it look?

Most likley I will want to tow a two position jetski trlr. So nothing massive in weight...maybe 1500 +/- a few xtra #'s

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This has been discussed countless times, the factory only rates the transmission park pin to 3500lbs, however there is a guy named Kramsey that had a custom hitch fabbed up to tow much higher weights. I think there is a guy who towed 7000lbs across the country with a custom hitch, but he used the e-brake whenever he parked it.

For out of the box kits there are Mopar and Curts hidden hitch. The Mopar one can tow 3500lbs and the Curt one can tow 2000lbs.

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What he said. ^^^^^^^^^^^ I tow with the Mopar hitch. A boat and PWCs.
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