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lowering the jeep

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guys I want to lower my Jeep, I just don't know what I need to buy, I like the way guys with eibach's springs are sitting but is there a specific pair. and what else do I need so the truck doesn't ride like crap. and where can I purchase all this? someone point me in the right direction
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Here's a thread with good info.. if you use the search bar, you should get hundreds of posts about lowering springs.

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I think there is like a million post on this topic I would do a search.. Lots of good info on lowering the jeep

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Not yet, I want to do it right and get the eibach's and stage 6 Q1A shocks

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It's so helpful when people tell you to use the search bar...Check maryland speed dot com The eibach pro kit should come with everything you need as well as the bwoody kit
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