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Hi everyone first post on here. Very glad to find this group.

I have a 2012 Jeep SRT 8. Since I got it, I have not had the use of my Terrain switch (IE track, sport, auto, snow, tow,) and it has been stuck in auto. I also have had no power to the lower part of my switch bank in the console (IE Traction Control on off, Heated steering wheel, AC power outlet, etc.). I used to think it was a bad module somewhere but am now of the mind that it's a bad ground or connection. While driving down the road and hitting a patch of uneven pavement the power will from time to time come on and off to these areas and everything works fine. So, I know that it is not a bad module, but more likely a bad connection. Does anyone know where the ground locations are for these areas? I would really like to ferrate this out before I have to take it to the steelership as you know that they just love to replace shit that doesn't need it. 🤪. Please help if you can any information is appreciated. 🙂 Thank You


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