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I know I dont post much on here but i figured it wouldnt hurt to post up. The nephew of one of my mom's close friends was seriously injured(lost both legs in an ied blast) last weekend over in Afghanistan. He is originally from Selden but moved to NC when he was younger. On Sat March 31st from 10:30-3p there is going to be a car wash fundraiser for him and his family at the Applebee's in Lake Grove by the Smith Haven Mall. He is currently at a hospital in Germany waiting to be transported back to the states. There is no fee for the car wash itself just only asking for donations. If you belong to other forums please spread the word. Admins or Mods if there is any prob with this posting please pm me

Here is a link to the event on FB.!/events/180613758715204/
Anything would be much appreciated
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