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Lightnings Severly Beatdown the Ram Srt10's

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I have filmed about 150 or more races between Ram Srt10's and Lightnings. So far the Srt10's have won about 75% of the time. Here is the polar opposite of my stats.

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That red lightning on slicks was launching hard as hell.
My god, I was having a heart attack 'till I realized that this was a 1/8 mile track
What are those times in 1/4 ?
i was just thinking as watching it there is no way in hell those are 1/4 mile times

the broken period on the left lane is very annoying
SRT8 Jeep sighting at 5:27 mark. Unfortunately they don't show him racing. Most of the times are horrible unless this track is on top of Mt Everest.
Lightback overpowered pickups. Def. not ones to be racing 1/8 miles lol
Nice. I saw that jeep in there as well. Is this the same 1/8 track Paulie races at?
Here is the Jeep Srt8 edit of the same night at Irwindale Speedway which is an 1/8mile track.

More like it! The jeeps are so damn quick off the line.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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