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I'm looking to purchase Larado Door moldings and the lower window trim that is on our Jeeps. I know guys on here are buying these and painting them to match up their cars, mostly black. My car is black that is exactly what I'm looking for but I can buy any other color and have them re painted black in case someone is going back to the stock look or is getting rid of their car.

I figured I will try this first since last item I was looking for I found this same exact way as well.

Looking to go all black with my jeep but want to keep as much OEM stuff as possible so that if I don't like it or get bored I can always have my other stuff laying around.



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I have a complete set of black window trim I bought from dealer and never installed and still in the packaging, I went with vinyl instead. They're for an 08-10 though, not sure what year you have. Pm me if you're interested
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