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Keyless Enter and Go FAQ

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I'm curious on a few features of the keyless enter and go system on the WK2. I've seen stuff in the owners guide but haven't fully played with it yet. I have a couples scenario I'm curious about.

Say you stop driving the car and shut the engine off, and don't open the door. The doors are still locked (either from auto locking when driving, or you hit the lock button after stopping the engine). Can someone on the outside open the door?

Say you have both keys with you. You stop the car, shut the engine off and get out of the WK2 with one key and leaving the other in the car. Will the doors lock when you press the handle button or key fob lock? If so do they open right up if you grab the handle with the one key out of range and the spare still left inside?

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First scenario would be like on a trip stopping at a rest area to take a quick nap.

Second would be like making a pit stop on a trip. Could either be car left running or not while locked with one key still inside and the other on you.

I know I can disable the keyless enter and go in the EVIC if needed, just a hassle at times lol.

Eventually I'll play around with the scenarios and see what happens for my answers. I was just wondering if anyone already knew.

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When I get the real world testing done I'll post some results.

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Thanks for the input guys! You're answers make sense. Just wasn't positive that's how it worked.

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Played with it a little bit. Yes the car knows if the key is inside or outside the car. I only had one key fob on me at the time. I was standing outside the car and my sister was inside and she tried to start the car, it wouldn't EVIC said something like key not detected. So it knew the key was outside the car. I was standing right next to the car as well. Later I had her get inside with the key fob and lock the doors. It wouldn't let me open the door from the outside.
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