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Well after a successful hot rod drag week its time to part ways with this 4.2lc kenne bell i purchased new in 2014. I probably have 6k miles on it. I just put 1200 miles on it last week for hot rod drag week with zero issues. Ive wanted to try a turbo setup on this for years so its time to let it go.

4.2LC blower kit with intercooler in manifold.
Ive upgraded the fittings on the back of the manifold to 1/2" fittings for extra cooling.
I also purchased the front drive for a hellcat so i can run 10rib pulleys. I still have the origanal drive to run with the factory 6.1 6.4 or 5.7 accessory drive. Will include both drives with sale of blower. I run a ice tank in the trunk for the intercooler in the manifold which is the only thing not included. Fits 5.7 6.1 and 6.4 bolt pattern heads. Will fit wk1 and wk2 jeeps with minor modifications.

What you get is
4.2lc blower with intake manifold
Black ice tank which is located in front of coolant tank
Front mount heat exchanger
Coolant pump and wiring.
Coolant hoses
10rib drive
8rib drive and bracket.
Intake tube wrapped in dei heat wrap
Kenne bell air filter
149mm throttle body ($800) upgrade

I have several different pulleys available.
10rib pulleys range from 15lbs to 25lbs.
8rib pulleys i have 2 left.
Asking $6k +paypal fees

Really prefer in person pick up due to the weight of this thing.
Im located in north New Jersey
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