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just wierd......

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so on 12-5-2011 we get our first freezing snow storm here in Albuquerque, NM. no biggy right as I have all wheel drive. my son & I go to Bank as roads are clear, it's just cold as hell. we take off & about after 1 mile the SRT8 just starts to vibrate. :eek: I mean the whole jeep is just vibrating, so were like wth. I turn off everything, radio, heater, butt warmer, as we try to listen & figure where is vibration coming from. we jump on freeway and head to Bank, as SRT8 stil drives fine, just vibrating. we leave the Bank & I notice that vibration is gone, completely gone....:thinkerg: has this happened to anyone else?
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That would be caused by a small amount of snow being caught in one of your wheels or 2 or all of them, and throwing your wheel balance off. It happened to me once, exactly how your describing it. Clean your rims and all will be well.
Ice build up on the wheels or drive shaft maybe.
Ice build up (or snow) on wheels. Happens to me almost every day in the winter.
snow or ice on inside of wheel. Happend to me last snow, bad vibration, almost like hitting small whoops, pulled over, noticed some packed snow on inside of wheel. Brushed it off, and fine again.
Could be your traction/stability control was activating? You probably don't experience it all the time in NM. Might have warmed up enough by the time you left the bank so not kicking on as much? Just a thought.

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Yup, ice build up in the wheels. Happens to me as well.
well thats good to know, as it Freaked my son & I out. :eek: my 9yr old was concerned about his Inheritance. :D
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