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Just got a 06 GC SRT8, saying hi

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Hey guys, this is actually my return to the SRT8 family. I had a 300 SRT8 a few years ago, and replaced it with an Audi RS6. Now that the mileage on that got too stratospheric for my wallet, i replaced that yesterday with the GC. This was my way of getting into a practical vehicle :)

Look forward to talking with you guys, learning more about my Jeep and enjoying the monster that it is.

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Welcome back!! Congrats on the purchase.
Are those Antera wheels?
Honestly I dont know. I think they say GMP something on them, but they have Jeep center caps. I told the dealer i wasnt totally crazy about not having the SRT wheels, so they worked with me a bit. Im going to take a closer look when i can, but its been dark and/or rainy all day here.
Hmm yeah kinda strange they would ditch the stock wheels unless they got really curbed up or something. I see is still has the stock crapyear tires though. You'll notice a huge difference when you swap those.
Yeah they are all season RSAs, which i dont like. I didnt like the F1 supercars i had on my 300 either, loud and a rough ride. The tread is nearly new though, so in the interest of continuing to save money, i wont replace them til i need to.
Congrats, where are you located..looks like you got that jeep from where I have my CRV serviced but its hard to tell??
Welcome to the forum, did you just say you switched to the Jeep because the mileage on the RS6 was bad? Hard to believe that the jeep will be better...
Thanks for all the welcomes too guys!

Speeddemon, i am in Greenville, SC. I believe it came from Hendrick Dodge somewhere, and they swapped it down to Hendrick Honda in Easley, who I was dealing with previously with my gf purchasing an accord.

higs, not the gas mileage. The Audi had almost 100k on it, and regular maintenance was getting out of control. The engine had to come out to do the timing belt, and even fix the exhaust CEL problem I was having. As much as I loved it, it wasnt worth the money anymore. Believe me, im expecting equally atrocious gas mileage haha.
Welcome from MI. My son is a Casey C!
how did you like the RS6? i want it to be my next ride for dd?
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your new BEAST!:)
Honestly the RS6 was probably the best car ive owned so far. It never gave me any trouble, it was just stupidly fast, and it definitely stood out from the crowd. I had it as a DD for almost 2 years. the only thing you gotta watch for is the maintenance costs. timing belt was a fortune, even brakes were out of control, but of course what can you expect right? if you get a low mileage one you are good, i dont think anyone would be disappointed with that bad boy
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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