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That's right folks, we've been on the horn with ProCharger for some time now getting as much info as possible for the 06-10 JGCSRT8 ProCharger kits.

"The designers and engineers at ProCharger have done it again! We’ve been working overtime in ProCharger’s industry leading R&D facility, including the new Aerodynamics test lab, to bring you The Ultimate Power Adder for the ultimate Jeep® Grand Cherokee. We are pleased to add the 2006-2010 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee ProCharger system to the most diverse line of superchargers and supercharger systems on the planet.

High Output Intercooled Systems and Intercooled Tuner Kits will be available December 2011 to build on the already solid statistics for the SRT8, featuring the ultra-efficient air-to-air intercooler and upgradability that is hands down the best in the industry. Stay tuned for the jaw dropping horsepower, torque and acceleration numbers as they promise to be nothing short of amazing.

Just in time for the holidays, even Santa Clause will be pulling his sleigh with SRT8 ProCharged Power this year."

Waiting on a dyno graph from them still for you Jeep Guys!!!!

Jeep Pricing!!!

Complete HO Kit w/P1(w/ tuner, injectors, MAP) MSRP $6396!
Tuner Kit w/P1(-tuner, -injectors, -MAP) MSRP $5296!

Add $230 for D1 Upgrades
Add $100 For Helical Gears(P & D units only)
Add $250 for polishing blower
Add $250 for polishing brackets
Add $775 for F1 Upgrades

Give us a shout for custom quotes and Demon Performance pricing!

PM, Email, or Call for special first time incentives for all you Jeep owners!!!

Trust me, your jaws will drop when we tell you about our special offers!!!

"Unleash The Beast"
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