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I have a 2006 srt8 jeep and have been struggling with the front windows. Current issue is I cannot roll up or down the front drivers side or passenger side windows from the master switch, however the passenger front will roll down with the passenger switch. When rolling up the passenger window with the master switch, the radio shuts off and the brake light on the dash illuminates.

I was able to find out that the drivers side door wiring was switched out from a 2006 grand cherokee Laredo and have noticed a good deal of the wires coming from the door side of the 2 white plugs do not match up with the panel side of the 2 plugs.

All of this to say, I'm looking to either buy a drivers side front door complete panel harness (switches, module, etc), or I'm looking for some assistance in figuring out what colors go where so I can re-pin the 2 connectors myself. All help appreciated, thanks!


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