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Intermittent grinding/vibration

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Hey guys,

I'm getting an intermittent grinding/vibration that you can both hear and feel through the pedal. It never happens in neutral or at a stop only when putting a slight load on the drive train. It does it at most any speed and I think any gear. If you are cruising a constant speed it sort of pulses but as soon as you accelerate it stops and it never does it while coasting only at constant speed or very mild acceleration. It almost sounds like a heat shield or some thing on the exhaust vibrating but I can't find anything loose. I pulled the transfer case motor thinking if it was the TC that would stop the noise(not sure if that's the case) but it had no effect. Whatever it is seems to have no effect on performance and I still have all wheel drive but it's to the point of driving me nuts. I'm ready to go to the dealer but wanted to see if any body here had any ideas first.
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had that issue with my first 06. They were never able to figure out what it was. I thought maybe a the tcase or front drive shaft. Try pulling the driveshaft to see if it stops.
I kind of thought pulling the TC motor would eliminate the drive shaft since there was no power to it.
Edit: posted in wrong thread..
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