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No I didn't. They have not completely popped off, just comes loose at spots.
I have been trying to slow the process by sticking 3M double adhesive tape up into the gaps.
I'm afraid to try and remove the entire piece.
Maybe try Gorilla glue.
Tape off the surfaces and squeeze it in and push it in with a small rod or something.
Put a board across the seat and use a rod to hold the trim
until it sets or overnight.
Use a rag or some boxboard where the rod meets the trim to not scratch it.
You can use the power seat to press it tight to the right location in the dash.
Clean off whatever glue squeezes out.
Check it again later.
Remove the masking tape.
Or you could duct tape it in place with a quality tape like Gorilla.

Used some JB Weld two part that bonds plastic and they haven’t budged since May. I used a heat gun to ply them back and then applied it. It’s been bullet proof in the summer of NC and so far in the 40s here as it’s starting to chill down.
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