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installed new badges and mopar CAI

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damn sensor was a PITA to get out of the stock tube. i ended up cutting it out and broke the black tip that goes over the blue thing on the sensor. no codes or anything came on and ran/sounded great
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Looks good. Where did you get the SRT badge?
Yeah man i really like the SRT badge, i think thats the one from the new gen right? i seem to remember they have the all black badge.

how are you liking the Mopar CAI? I had an Air Hammer on my 300 SRT (i remember that GOD DAMN sensor!), and at the time it was the best gains around, but I dont know if thats the case with the GC.
looks good. i am waiting on my black SRT8 badge to arrive. i am putting the new slanted HEMI from the challenger on the other side
Thanks guys. Really like the CAI sounds great and noticed a difference at higher speeds plus IMO you can't go wrong with the mopar look under the hood. My hands are feeling the effects of that damn sensor today lol
It is the new gen badge. How much did you pay for your badge RB24?
Nice, looks good!
Looks good. Where did you get the SRT badge?
X2 on this. I want one for my silver.
Looks nice, have one of the entire rear end?
they were $30 from a guy on LX Forums
Looks great . I got 2 reds from the same guy and after seeing yours I contacted him and he's all out now :(
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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