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Inspection/Front Differential Mount

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OK. I'm sure I got hosed today, but none the less would appreciate any feedback. Took the rig to the local (2 miles from home) Jeep Stealership to have the '07 inspected. Had to get a Pennsylvania inspection because the car was bought in Delaware.

(1) Would not pass emissions because the battery had been removed to install the new stereo and was told this screws up the monitoring system. So I have to drive the car another 100 miles or so or until the system resets itself----Guessing this is SRT ownership 101?

(2)Also had to have the gas cap replaced because it wouldn't pass emissions--failed pressure test? $29.86 for the cap, but what really got me jacked up to a boil was the $9.95 in labor. How many Mopar techs does it take to screw in a gas cap?

(3) Lastly, and most depressing was the Front Differential mount was cracked/broken (I did see it, looked pretty torn up) Parts: $47.57 Labor: $432.00 According to the dealer you have to basically remove the entire front differential and axel to access the mount. 4 hours worth of labor. Does this make sense?

BTW, I do have a trusted mechanic I use for all my other vehicles, but unfortunately for me, I had to have inspected this week before a I go on a long weekend trip and he was able to fit me in.

Feel free to chime in; I'm pretty sure I know what everyones going say. Have at it (or me)

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We just changed my front diff bushing in about 2 hours or so and didn't drop anything. Sorry man but u got hosed. We undid the driveshaft and were able to rotate the axle back and down enough to get in there. They like to do things the hard and expensive way!!
1. Anytime you disconnect the battery, the emissions componants reset. It can take up to 100 miles for the O2 sensors to be in a ready state.

2. They couldn't just hand you the new fuel cap to save you the labor?

3. You got hosed... I just had my front diff bushing replaced last week, and they didn't even have to take the front wheels off. They did it the same way that Stage 6 does, remove the driveshaft and rotate the diff. I watched him do it. That's the stealership for you.....
Is there a way to check if the emissions monitoring has been reset? Tech mentioned something about turning the key on/off or something. At that point I was a bit pissed off and not really listening to him................
Thanks! I should have called you before I went over. You had told me about your connections and I completely forgot. My bad. I couldn't wait to have it done, but as it turns out, I'm going to wait a little longer. Im in no way upset at the quality of the work peroformed, more so in the dealership politics that go on. I'll definitely hit you up the next time for sure. Thanks. Been a long day. I'm out.
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