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I'm at HHP now installing

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Ok, first have to say I'm having a blast here at HHP in Del. Josh is great as well as all his techs. I originally cam here for just a catch can but since it's x-mass I figured what the hell

So we are installing a tcm and a amazing ported and polished intake painted glossy mercury that changes colors in the light!!!!

Taking pictures and videos as the install goes. I would say at this point this is going to be one bad ass HPP machine.

More to come during the day!!!
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Nice!! Keep us updated!
Congrats, its always fun getting new mods.
Ok, long day. Just mademit home from the three hour drive, (though lovinging the mods on the open road lol)

Josh and his tech was great. Spent the afternoon making sure I was all set even staying late to complete the work. Could not have asked for more. The shop looks great. I got a lot of good pictures and dyno videos as well as gooff videos of the install. Had a lot of laughs.
Here is what we did,
Added a billet catch can, with their z bracket. Installed a HHP/BES ported and polished intake manifold with ceramic intake coating. (very unique color mercury silver/black.
Added a set of NGK iridium Ix Lztr6aix-13 spark plugs,
A new cometic fiber hemi intake gaskets,
And the mopar performance TCM, as well as dyno tuning.
Not bad for a little X-Mass present for myself.
So to go along with the work they did two months ago with the 426 sportsman stroker and their stage 2 ported heads and cam, tourqe convertor, flex plate I think I took it as far as this set up can go with out getting crazy and doing the rear and trans.
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Nice man and Merry Christmas to you! So what did the Beast on the Rollers?
Thank you. We got it dyno at 658hp and 647tq
As soon as I figure hoe to link my photo bucket page I'll post the video of the run
Thank you. We got it dyno at 658hp and 647tq
As soon as I figure hoe to link my photo bucket page I'll post the video of the run
658hp at the crank right?
658hp at the crank right?
If not he better go see if there is even still a tranny left in the Jeep. LOL

No at the wheel
Lol, just messing. Wanted to wake some people up lol with the old I have crazy HP numbers lol.

We did a few runs but it was just hot with the intake air. My real numbers are 497.36 HP and 486.42 Torque at uncorrected to show what she ran right there. I'll post the sheet and the video on my photo bucket and try to attach it, or just look up ltleo on photo bucket

Thismis the first start up after install of today's mods
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