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I like having the SRT in the front of the Jeep, so I had to figure out a way to do it. I weighed my options and this is the route I took. Read all directions before starting!


SRT Badge:

(2) Push Fasteners Variable Depth: Found at Lowes in specialty hardware drawers, hardware aisle.

3M Double Sided Trim Tape:

2 Part Epoxy:

Super Glue:

Razor Knife w/ Sharp Blade


Now that you got all the necessary things gathered start out by getting the SRT badge.

Notice the tabs on the rear? Those are used to snap the badge into place on the Challenger. Sadly, not so easy for the Jeep, so grab that razor knife (or Dremel tool, etc...) and smooth out the rear.

Now go out to the Jeep and figure out where you want this bad boy at.

Once you're satisfied with location placement of the badge, mark the rear of the badge to locate the push fasteners. Notice the black Sharpie lines line up to the "open" parts of the mesh grill skipping one in between.

Now Mix up that epoxy and glue those push fasteners into place. Center them up to the Sharpie lines and center of the badge. Let them dry for a while. Go grab some lunch like I did lol.

Now this is the part you may get scared at :eek:
I don't take any responsibility for you following my how to guide. If you don't feel comfortable with the next steps, stop now!

With the size push fastener I chose I needed to drill two 11/64" holes.

I bought an extra set up push fasteners to test fit. It held good and tight. I needed to grab some needle nose pliers to pull it out.

Now that the push fasteners are properly dried/cured apply some 3M trim tape for extra peace of mind.

Go test fit everything and once you're happy everything lines up good, pull the backing off the tape and add a little super glue to the threads on the push fasteners and install!

Sit back and admire the job well done :D
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