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Chances are your switch is burned out. You're probably still under warranty so have them do it... but if you felt like just getting the switch from them, it will take you 10 minutes a screw gun and a wrench to fix it yourself.

Dis-assembly -

- These 2 holes have the long screws

Use the 13mm to remove the nuts holding the switch assembly in place.
- Here you see the bolts w/o the nutts

- The screw gun (long screws suck by hand) and the nutts.

- This plug needs to be undone to remove the assembly. I believe this is for the release mechanism and not the "liftgate open" sensor.

- This is about where I pulled it out to to do some analysis

- This is the switch itself with the plug attached. I checked the connections and stuff, but there was no action.

I tried cleaning the switch, drying it, lubricating it, etc... but it got wet and therefore burned out. My truck was under warranty but I didn't want to go without my beast for 1 day, so I tried fixing it myself. They ended up scratching my plastics when they repaired it, something I was trying to avoid, but it was a free repair.

Forgive me if anything is wrong here, I did this about a year ago and hung onto the pics until the time was right... lol

Good Luck!
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