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how to decide on tires

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hey, so i have been flip flopping between 420s and toyo st 2s. dont know if i want to go to the 275/315 size. is it a huge difference in looks? im not sure about all the tire specs but i have read that the 420s are like one inch shorter then stock good years so they will show more sidewall. is this true? i dont know if i like the toyos cause they look very bulky. i would prefer the vredstein but i live in michigan and they wont work in the snow. i want a tire that is close to the stock amount of sidewall showing.

any advice is welcome as my goodyears have 47 000 miles on them

thanks for all the help
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47k? Do yourself a favor and look at the inside of the front tires... the tread has probably separated from the rest of the tire and you don't even know it yet.

If the 420s are 1" shorter, they will have 1/2" less sidewall. Your wheel gap (between tire and inner fender) will be 1/2" more than it is. The tire will be wider though (looking from the back/front of the vehicle)
hey thanks for the help, the fronts were changed to falken 452 before i bought it but the original owner left the original goodyears on the back. i dont know how much tread they have left so that is why i am trying to get tires asap. i definately dont want to much sidewall showing so will the 1/2 inch be very noticeable. do you have any suggestions for other tires that might be 275/315 and have less gap but am able to drive in michigan

thanks for the input
The 2nd number determines the height of the tire. 40s or 45s will fill the wheel wells.
I am running 420s in stock sizes. The sidewalls are the same height as the GYs because both tires are 285/40/20s. If you go with 315/35s for rears they will be about 0.3" less in diameter than the stockers. Hope this helps...... IMO the increased well gap is noticeable with the 315s on a non-lowered Jeep but looks great when lowered. Personal taste.....

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Between the two tires if you want to drive year round I would go with the Toyo over the Nitto.
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