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I have heard people giving advice about how to debadge your cars and every person has the same or similar advice. Heat it up and peel it off and use whatever solvent to clean off gummy foam residue. WRONG. Watch this video and you will never do it like that again.

Here is how it works. Cooling makes the adhesive brittle and a quick pull will make it break free all at once leaving no glue behind. Heat just makes the foam and glue more gummy and leaves a mess to clean up.

Step 1: Cool the badging that you want to remove with an ice pack or some frozen peas.
Step 2: Slip a flexible plastic card under the lip of the badging.
Step 3: Give it a quick tug
Step 4: Wipe your finger prints off. (no gummy residue)
Step 5: Pass this info along the next time someone asks for the best way to debadge.

I don't know how to imbed the video so here is a link, and below is a picture after giving it a wipe with detailer.



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