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I've had my 2008 SRT8 for about 15 months and aside from the occasional howl from the rear brakes I haven't had any issues. With 44k miles I just started hearing this Hissing/Whistle sound from the front left of the Jeep. It's barely audible with the windows closed, but if I crack the driver's window it becomes very annoying. My neighbor has a 300C and said that he thinks there is a sensor in the brakes that rubs the rotor constantly when the pads are low. Is this right?

It doesn't make a noise when stopped but is audible at all speeds, on or off the brakes. It also sounds rotational, changing in pitch and volume as speed increases. I've got 44k on the Jeep with original brakes and just bought R1's and Stoptechs to put on when I take the snows off in a few weeks. Will this solve my problem or is there another issue?

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