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HELP with TPMS please

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So one of my sensors got broken whilst changing the trying to find a new one but its looking more and more difficult...i have the 2006 export model and im not sure which one to buy?

does it have to be the exact same model or must it just be the same frequency?? im only looking for one.

thanks in advance

p.s merry christmas and ..happy holidays to those who dont celebrate christmas
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I would suggest just getting the replacement form the dealer.
only problem with that is my "local dealer" isnt really local, also ive enquired about servicing and because my srt is an import they wont service it so parts is out of the i rely on ebay to be honest! ive found a few dodge/chrysler/jeep TPMS, but im a bit iffy on which one i can purchase! thanks for the advice though about the aftermarket ones
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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