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I have a 2014 Jeep Srt with a Ripp sc and approximately 60k miles. The other day I started the car and it sounded like metal in a washing machine. I immediately turned it off and checked to make sure nothing was visibly wrong. All looked normal so I started it again and heard a slight tick. I pulled it to the bottom of my driveway and topped off the oil that was about a 1/4 quart low, obviously not the issue but did it anyways. The I let the car idle 5 minutes and it seemed normal, although I was suspicious I drove it up my street and about 3/4 of the way up it made the same awful sound and the motor died. Strangely there were no codes registered or pending. When I attempted to restart it to bring it back home it took a bit as the first few attempts it sounded like there was no fuel and the motor cranked but didn’t start. After about 2 minutes I tried again and it started. The valve tick was there and very predominant. I immediately parked car in my garage and started doing some research. I first thought it was possibly a frozen lifter but from what I’m reading there nothing that matches up with what I experienced.
Since then I have run a compression test and all cylinders are pulling 225 and the oil pressure is good. All spark plugs are intact and look fine, I had installed them about a month ago. I drained the oil and there was a small spring which looked like a valve seal but all of mine where intact when I removed the valve cover. I’m really hoping someone on the forum has some pointers because I’m at a loss and need to get my daily back up and running.
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I hear the 6.4s can't handle much boost due to the thin ring land, which would break easily if the top ring expands to the point were it would bind... That could be due to too much boost, too much timing advance, or a lean AFR.
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