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Had a "phantom acceleration" incident. . .

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Just got out of the gym and decided to take my driver side mat out since it had quite a bit of water in it from the slush around here (can you guess where this is going?). It's a Rugged Ridge that I just put in a few weeks ago. Car was in park and running so I'm not too sure how I couldnt have noticed that it was over the accelerator since it should have reved up right away. Anyway, back in car put it in drive and start forward, out of habit slap it into first gear and pop the throttle to get going. . .


***** ***** *****

something is wrong, engine revs up car is moving too fast into traffic, I stand on the brake pedal, think about pulling the handle but I know the brakes should overcome the throttle, and I need both hands to crank the wheel hard right because even though the brakes are working I'm sliding on the slush and I'm going to to fly right out into traffic, final I'm turning right and coming to a stop and I turn the ignition off. . . a foot short of the road.

So yeah, totally my fault but no harm done. . .
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That sounds like just user error instead of the phantom acceleration cases. If it does take off on you for any reason, try cleaning/replacing the shifter assembly.
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