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Great deal!

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Went to Auto Zone to pick up a couple things and left with all this for $50.
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Wow... that is a pretty good deal. Aren't you 2 quarts short though?
Whew... I read this thread title and thought the worst.. :D

Great buy!
Wow... that is a pretty good deal. Aren't you 2 quarts short though?
He sure is......
I thought I only needed 4 quarts for this kind of rig! HAHA JK. I know, but auto zone is having there 5 quarts with the oil filter for $30. I have more quarts in my garage. And then the guy was like for $5 more you can get the oil drain pain along with the towels and funnel. I told him i didnt like the one he wanted to give me so i picked out another one and he threw in 2 more funnels and a 5 gallon tank for $10 more. I took it and left.
lol... I wish it was 5 qts.

I might have to go in, spend the $100 and give my brother everything but the oil...
Auto Zone FTW!
just grabbed this deal too 10 quarts, 2 filters and washer fluid, under 70 bucks.
Auto Zone FTW!
HAHA ya but O'reilly's is on sale as well. I think they are at $5.** a quart.
Nice. Advance has that deal every once in a while. But the one near me is hit or miss of they have 0w40.

I just bought 11qts(all they had), filter, diesel fuel additive, and washer fluid for $100.

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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