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Good price for '08 SRT8?

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I purchased an excellent condition one owner all stock black 2008 GCSRT8 with 62k miles and all options for $28k. It's fully loaded, with the exception of two things I don't know if it has. The first is the block heater, and the second is the Kicker stereo upgrade (which was in the ad but the sub isn't there and I haven't pulled a door panel yet to see if the speakers are). I originally didn't want more than 40k miles, but I wanted a really clean '08 and up for less than $30k, and the options in my area were limited so I sacrificed some add'l miles for condition and options. What do you guys think, fair price?
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I paid $34k for an 09 with 34K miles. Availability around my area was slim to none. Wouldn't have mattered tho, I would have paid more to own one of these Jeep's.

Also, who cares if it has the Kicker sounds system, get out there and enjoy your SRT8. You can put a $10k stereo in any car, but it's still no Jeep SRT8!
not bad i paid 28k for mine with 40k on the clock fully loaded already had borla s on her with few other little mods
U got a good deal.
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