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gloss black reps in 22"

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Just curious if anyone would be interested in buying my 22" wheels and/or tires? I'd take $1950 obo for the whole set. That includes new tpms and black lugs. I'm going with a different tire setup and contemplating going chrome.

Nitto 420 in 265/35 and 295/30. Like new


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Sunday...Bronco win day bump:)
What would be shipping to canada j3y-5a9
These are exactly what I'm looking for. I really need to get my Viper wheels and tires sold!

What condition are these in? How many miles on the wheels and tires?
Wheels and tires are perfect aside from one of the rears having a very, very slight bend in it. Hardly noticeable. No vibrations or issues at all. Doesn't even show up in a pic. Tires have just over 1k miles on them.
How did the wheel get bent?
How did the wheel get bent?
Think I hit a pothole. It's really minor

$2,000 shipped
Bump...$1900 shipped
Shouldn't last long. Your jeep looks sick with them.
Is this price good for Canada to?
$2000 to Canada
Bump!!! $1850 shipped
Colorado Blizzard bump!
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