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Selling my twin pump fuel basket and Kenne Bell boost a pump. This fuel system without the boost a pump yielded me 920rwhp/845rwtq on the dyno...

It's perfect for anybody supercharged, stroked, or turbo'd looking for safety and doesn't want the hassle of making their fuel system a return'd be perfect up to 800rwhp honestly...just plug it in and you're good to go.

Also selling my 20 volt Kenne Bell boost a pump. I'm only keeping the hobb switch which can be purchased from Kenne Bell for cheap.

Twin pump basket that includes FACTORY FUEL core needed...$500 shipped or best offer

20 amp Kenne Bell BAP that needs hobb switch....$120 shipped

Also selling this stuff................

3 new bottles of Vortech oil....$30

DieHard ion C3 19.2 Lithium-ion battery battery included....$40

$450 worth of Gloss-It goodies and brand new buffer.....$300 or best offer!

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