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Fuse for License Plate Lights

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Was messing around yesterday putting LED bulbs in my license plate lights and I think I blew the fuse by accident. Anyone know where this is located? I'm guessing in the glove box, but any tips to making it easier to locate would be great so I don't have to pull and check every fuse.

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Funny you should ask because I am dealing with the same thing. I thought my LEDs were burnt out so I bought some more. I got them installed only to find they don't work either. I looked in the booklet but I can't find what fuse they would be under?

The fuses are actually located in the engine bay. Two black boxes on the drivers side. Let me know if you have any luck.
not sure if you tried this but a thing to remember, led lights are polarity dependent. try inserting the bulbs one way if they dont work flip them and try again.
Ok, so I finally found the fuse. It's one of the three 10 amp red fuses (in mine it was the one at the top, closest to the windshield) in the smaller of the fuse boxes in the engine compartment. Changed it out, tried the LEDs again, but no luck. Swapped the LEDs out for new regular bulbs and they worked, so it looks like I need to order some more LEDs. I did try flipping around the polarity (knew about that too), but they still didn't work, so I'm guessing I shorted them out.
Yep, that was my problem. I must have known that at some point but forgot. Thanks Gerd.
if you got the V-LED ones paul set up a thread for a while back they blow out every one and a while too, i replace one every 8 months ish. got a free set back from V-LED though when i complained after two went out after like 2 months.
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